Driver OCTAX Eye USB2

Driver OCTAX Eye USB2

Model ZSMC Eye Webcam ZSMC USB PC Camera Fabricante: Intel VM.I have reinstalled the drivers for both audio and webcam, but it did not solve the problem.The support that is available for your machine is located HERE.I called Lenovo tech support and came to the conclusion that it is a problem with the camera so they are currently fixing it.DB:2.60:My Webcam Seems To Be Working With Some Of My Friends On Msn But It Does Seem To Work With Others.When we are in a meeting, she starts her webcam and clicks share and all we see is a black screen where her video should be.So i decided to upgrade to the skype above. the problem with the dark image is already solved with the new skype.HELP Admin edit - changed title of thread to more clearly state the issue and the kind of help needed.

I did a search on here for my posts thinking that I had found a solution before.Re installed card with drivers and updates aplenty. installed camera and drivers, and then found one volume control window which had microphone mute on.Then an idea hit me, and I have found the cause of my problem.

Please visit the link below to find a community that will offer the support you request.I have a Pavilion dv2660se running Vista Home Premium 32-bit SP2.

Next install the webcam application from the link below and check if it works.If so right click and let me know what is under Device Status.Vieni e scarica driver per webcam extreme usb gratuitamente. Intel ZSMC Eye Webcam. USB 2.0 English only driver package.But for some reason that app, and no others actually connect to the computer.DB:2.57:No Voice Output On Receivers End Of Video Call Using Windows Live,Xp And Logitec Webcammic ak.The camera is ok with Cheese as it was before the update, but not on Skype.Any help to solve this problem is welcome.Thank you.

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PLEASE HELP, I have looked at numerous articles and tried numerous different situations that should have worked.I have a Toshiba A305-S6898. the driver for the webcam is up to date as well.

My webcam is detected on skype. if i hit the video share buttom it only shows my skype picture.It does not show up in the device manager, nor are there any drivers even remotely related to the webcam on the Acer driver search page AND the Acer Recovery Management software.This can be beneficial to other community members reading the thread.When i do video call with other people, their webcam appear like this, but the thing where i can see myself is normal.The webcam use to work on both yahoo and windows live before.

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Not sure I have seen any others where the problem is something waking up when it should not do so.Go to Windows Start and in the Run box type dxdiag.exe and press the OK button.Even though I still can mute,unmute and change the volume I still unable to receive any sound.

I uninstalled all versions of the Camera Assistant software and uninstalled the webcam driver.Second step: I end the call and recall them, but the video button stays grey.

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If I do an SMC reboot along with a PRAM reboot, it works briefly on the chat services I use - then after a few seconds it freezes and stops.I already check the drivers installed they are up to date and are working fine.I bought a Logic3 PC293 USB webcam a few weeks ago, mainly for use with Skype.DB:2.73:Safari Crashing After Update 10.4.11-Uninstalled Concierge-Now Works. dx.I have told her to close all apps that might use the video camera while we are using Connect.You can use this button to go to the current Firefox profile folder.

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When I try to use it on MSN I get the message that the webcam might be in use in another program.When I try to start it with HP Quick Launch Buttons, it says the following.Everything seems to be in perfect working condition except for the webcam.

I usually resolve problem by typing on Google but I cannot find a way to get rid of that Skype problem.I recently upgraded my DV2222tx laptop from Vista to Windows 7.Kingston 19-in-1 USB 2.0 Media Reader Control-a-Cat Remote Control.Download these popular webcam programs and do more with camera.She says that the video camera works with Skype and other video type applications.Something that a I missed to say was that I sent the laptop to replace its keyboard and after that the issues started.

After installing it in Windows 7 compatibility mode and restarting the system, the webcam worked fine.Hello thereneed to know if anyone can help me with a problem i seem to be facing with my Lenovo T410s. i recently installed windows 8 and thereafter tried out ht e webcam. it comes on but no picture. the screen is grey. all the software is installed, i tried to enable and disable the bios stuff others have suggested.

Fourth step: I unistalled my webcam driver and software and reinstalled them.I tried 100 different things and could not get that thing working.Hardware devices are not working or are not detected in Windows.In order to assist you, I require the computer model number, operating system of the computer, and model number of the wbecam (if it is an external webcam, not built-in).If you problem remains unresolved, we will provide specific suggestions based on the details in your response.When I start a video chat with others they can not see my webcam.Discover our amazing selection of pet cams and keep an eye on your pets.

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My problem is this: Upon a fresh reboot, my webcam works fine.

I am running Windows 7 Pro SP1 on a Mesh PC with plenty of oomph.

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Here you can download apple mobile device usb driver download free.You have to open the Camera app first, and then click Settings on the charm bar to see where you can give the app permission to use the webcam.I just bought a SZ-71WN today, downgraded to XP, installed the latest version of Skype and try to get the Webcam working.Either a cable has been disconnected or there is a hardware fault.Have already tried the tricks I know and searched the web and there are a lot of others having the same problem, and there are number of recommended solutions people suggest.It works fine most of the time, but there is a problem when the computer wakes from sleep mode.